Natural Japanese Skin Care Secrets To Perfect Your Skin

1. Take Advantage Of Grain To Get Bright Skin

If you come from Japan, then you must know about grain as the magical ingredient to treat well and bring the life to your skin. So many Japanese women believe in its strong effect on skin and have taken it as usually as possible from traditional time to help them achieve desirable skin. But depending on your skin’s types that determines the most suitable kind of grain to apply. On the other hands, to be honest, not all types of grain can be utilized as a beauty treatment, just some of them like rice bran, rice bran powder or rice bran oil can help you to own beautiful skin. So you should be aware of choosing the most suitable rice bran for your skin.

About its nature and quality, no one can doubt about the specific benefits that rice bran (or so-called Shiro Nuka in Japan) brings about to Japanese women.

Firstly, it can act like a strong toner which helps you to brighten and mitigate the dryness on your skin. According to some research, rice bran can brighten your skin with the activity of suppressing the melanin level on skin. Besides, it is also believed to regulate the sebum production on the skin which can deal with the dryness situation and struggle with skin irritation thoroughly.
Secondly, rice bran is considered the perfect anti-aging and fast skin repairing substance as it is loaded with the extremely high content of tocotrienol or so-called super vitamin E. Tocotrienol has been a powerful anti-aging antioxidant which can penetrate deeply into your skin and neutralize well the free radicals. Moreover, people can also find out the high level of vitamin B complex, B1, B3, B6. All of these elements help to boost the process of healing your skin damage and promoting the production of new cells on the skin. It is comprised of squalene which is a natural skin barrier which can slower the moisture loss process and keeps your skin supple and soft for a long time.
Are you feeling overwhelmed with what rice bran can bring to your skin? Is it amazing, right? So to own youthful skin, don’t hesitate. Take action with the following process to let all the nutrients of rice bran have the chance to serve your skin, so in the end, you will get the bright skin as you expect.

Traditional Japanese skin cares secrets with rice bran
First, you prepare a blank sash bag and then fill it with 2 tablespoons of shiro nuka
Pour 4 cups of warm water in a large bowl, and knead the sash bag in till you get milky white water
Now, polish your face and neck with the treated sash bag in slow and circular motions. Kick start from t-zone out.
Then, you dip the sash bag in the tub for a period of time till it gets drier
Now, you use the milky water left to wash all the area you have treated with sash bag
Rinse it well again with tepid water
Pat your skin dry with soft and clean towel
Clean the bad and remove all the discard, rinse it well and hang dry for the next use.
Make face mask from Shiro nuka
First, you need to put 1 tablespoon of shiro nuka in about 1 liter of tepid water
You will wash your face and neck skin with this milky white water
Treat other parts on your body if needed
To finish, you rinse it off with warm water and pat it dry with a clean soft towel.
Combine shiro nuka with mild soap (or your cleanser)
Take a lather soap, then mix it with less than ¼ teaspoon of Shiro nuka
Let the powder dissolve slowly well
Wash your face and rise it carefully with tepid water
Pat your skin dry with the soft clean towel to finish.
Create shiro nuka-based mask for strong skin
You just need to mix about 2 teaspoons of shiro nuka with warm water
Then apply this mask on your face for 10-15 minutes
Use your finger to massage your face gently aroun the lines and wrinkles
Rinse it well with warm and clean water
Pat it dry with the clean soft towel.
Younger-looking skin with rice bran oil
Rice bran oil is the kind of oil rich with vitamin E and antioxidant which will help your skin become soft and healthy. It has been used for decades in Japan as a beauty aid. In rice bran oil, the expert found out free radical buster which is more powerful than vitamin E. Besides, with oryzanol substance, you can be more confident after rubbing this oil on your skin as it will benefit you so much. Rub this kind of oil on your face regularly to experience its strongly positive effect on your skin. It can help to exfoliate your skin by massaging your skin with this oil in circular motions. It can protect you from the sun effect, make it softer with nourishing properties…In general, under the view of beauty experts, rice bran oil deserves to be among the best Japanese skin care secrets that you should keep in a pocket.

2. Put On Skin Some Jojoba Oil – Advice From Japanese Skincare Secrets

Another amazing source to the own brilliant skin is jojoba oil which is comprised of several surprising benefits and certainly will surprise you so much. Jojoba oil originates is the extract from the nut of an American shrub named Simmondsia. Meanwhile, it is commonly used by so many Japanese women. It is known for its unique nature, and unlike other vegetable oil, it is used to deal with sebum and even considered a great natural skin conditioner. When using this kind of oil instead of other lotion, you don’t need to worry because it nearly replaces the animal’ fat in the skin cream and lotion. And for each purpose of your skin, jojoba oil can bring to you a specific benefit. So basing on your current skin’s situation, you will get different treatment from jojoba oil. But in the end, you will get the skin as you expect.

Utilize jojoba oil as a skin moisturizer
Dehydrated skin is the situation that so many women have to face with. In this case, you skin will be exposed to a huge number of irritants which can cause germs and dermatitis. So how can you protect your skin from moisture loss and drying effect? The answer is jojoba oil. In the form of waxy substance, jojoba oil can provide enough moisture and create an efficient barrier to protect your skin from harmful external effect.

What you need to do now is taking some drops of jojoba oil to rub on your face or any other parts exposed to the outside environment right after you wash your face. To take deeper effect from it, you can warm up a teaspoon of jojoba and use it to massage on your face before going to bed and leave it overnight. Such pure jojoba oil will penetrate into your skin fast, so you can feel the soft and smooth skin after a short time.

Take jojoba oil to deal with oily skin
Oily skin is caused by the overactive sebaceous glands on your skin. Once your skin becomes oily, it will quickly gather dirt and dust from an external environment. This can make you feel really irritated for sure and even cause you some other related problems like seborrheic dermatitis or acne. If you are suffering from oily skin and wish to get rid of it soon, then use jojoba oil to rub on your skin now. Pay attention to the forehead part and nose part. After several times using jojoba oil, you will see that your oiliness will be reduced remarkably.

Use jojoba oil to take control of acne
Acne is a common skin problem, so many girls look down on it without taking any action to ward it off. With the Japanese skin care secrets originating from jojoba oil, you will certainly be free from the acne. Rub your skin with jojoba oil on a regular basis, you will get away with it fast and effectively.

3. Aloe Vera Gel – The Must-Have Item For Bright And Strong Skin

In Japanese skin care secrets, aloe vera is an ingredient receiving so much attention because of its undeniable utilities when being applied on the skin. In the form of a gel, aloe vera can act as a great moisturizer to provide skin enough conditioning as well as soothe the irritation on your skin. Besides, with sunburn, it also helps you to deal with this problem fast. It can help you to fight with aging and acne quickly. If you want to extract the best from aloe vera gel, keep following the method here:

The general method from aloe vera is revealed here:

You will need some aloe vera leaves to get ready
Optional choice: prepare 400 IU vitamin E or 500mg of vitamin C powder.
You need to wash your hands thoroughly with clean water not to be contaminated
Then, you use a knife to slice the outer leaf of aloe vera off. The outer leaves contain with them fresh and healthy gel, so take use of the leaves around the outside of the plant. If your aloe vera is young, be careful not to cut deeply into it. Cutting all the outer leaves of it could damage the whole plant
Next, you have the resin drained for 10 minutes. You will need to put the leaves in a cup to remove all the dark yellow resin which may do irritating harm to your skin. So be sure to get rid of it before applying it to your skin.
Then you peel the leaves you will use. Now, you have to peel all the green portion of the leaves. You should cut through the inner white layer on one side of each leaf, then let the canoe-shaped part filled with gel.
Now, take a clean teaspoon to scoop all the gel out of the aloe vera leaf. It is quite easy for you to do so, so take the gel out in a bowl.
Recommend you mix the aloe vera gel with a natural preservative. It is optional for you to put in this gel the powdered vitamin C and vitamin E with the dosage as mentioned above. Put all the ingredients in a blender and have them blended well.
Take out the gel in a sterilized and clean jar. With preservative in gel, you can store it in a refrigerator for several months.
..from now, you can apply the gel to the skin to moisturize it. But something needed to keep in mind that you should not use aloe vera gel on blistered or deep cut skin.
Treat dry skin with aloe vera
You just need to mix some aloe vera gel with a teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of milk, a pinch of turmeric and some drops of rose water in a blender
Then you will get the paste for your skin
Apply the paste on your skin for 20 minutes and rinse it off with clean water to finish.
Make aloe vera scrub to improve skin’s health following the Japanese skin care secrets
To start, prepare a ½ cup of fresh aloe vera gel, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 cup of sugar. If aloe vera acts as the deep cleanser for skin, lemon helps to fade out dark spots, then the sugar helps to exfoliate and scrub the dead skin completely.
Stir all the ingredients well and srub the paste on your skin to improve your skin’s condition.
Rinse it off after a short period of time.
Treat acne with aloe vera recipe
Prepare a relative amount of aloe vera gel, then use blended walnuts with flour and honey. The healing properties in aloe combined with the anti-oxidants in honey will make your skin smoother and clearer in the short time.
Aloe vera for sensitive skin
Grasp some aloe vera gel, plain yogurt, rose oil and cucumber juice to blend them well to make a paste.
Apply this kind of paste on your face skin, leave it there for 20 minutes
After all, rinse the mask off with clean water and pat skin dry with soft towel.

4. Take Advantage Of Shea Butter To Get Gorgeous Skin

Shea butter is one of the best anti-aging and moisturizing natural sources in the world. Of course, it is highly recommended in the top Japanese skin care secrets. Using the shea butter at suitable dosage will help to promote your skin’s collagen production. If your skin is suffering from fine lines, wrinkles or dry, then shea butter will make all of these problems disappear fast. It can provide your skin with extra moisture, nutrients, vitamin and protection during winter, so you can rely on it totally.

To make use of shea butter, you just need to prepare some shea butter, then apply it to your face skin. After several times using this kind of butter, you will get moisturized skin as well as stronger skin’s condition.

5. Take Bladderwrack Powder To Attain Strong Skin

Bladderwrack may be an unpopular name to most of the women, but it is quite universally used in Japan. The reasons women in this country are indulged in this herb in their daily beauty routine are several, among them, is the high amount of properties that seal in wellness and health for skin such as alginic acid, fucoidan and iodine. You can find out the rich content of bladderwrack in the form of powder. In this kind of powder, you will see tons of minerals which are really beneficial for skin. They can help to cleanse your skin, ward off all the toxins causing your dryness, excess fluid and wrinkles. You may not know where to take this kind of herb, just go around, then you will easily catch it in the nearest food and health store.

About its utility, after getting the expected powder, you can add it to the bathing water, mix it with wrap, mild soap or facial scrub to apply it on your skin as the detoxification tool for your skin.

6. Use Hibiscus Petal Powder To Cleanse And Scrub On Skin

There comes another kind of herb which is quite familiar with your life named hibiscus. Hibiscus petal is usually seen in many drinks with the purpose of cooling your stomach as well as providing your body with full of new energy. But what’s more? Of course yes, it can offer you more than that, especially when you really wish to have bright and flawless skin. Following the Japanese skin care secrets, you will be provided with the specific process of using hibiscus petal powder in improving your skin.

Hibiscus is proven to be the magical treatment for skin because of its containing the natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which is widely known for its ability to exfoliate your skin, control the acne well and speed up the cell turnover. Moreover, hibiscus can also encourage your smoother looking skin and increase the moisture in your skin helping it to be more flexible and elastic. Here is also the reason everyone call it the Botox plant.

To extract hibiscus’ utility, you need to prepare enough hibiscus petal powder first,
Then you mix its water and apply the hibiscus water on your face using a cotton swab
Let it fall down your face and splash it off with clean water.
This is the simplest remedy for you to follow to gain the bright and strong skin that Japanese skin care secrets recommend you.

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